A Brief Weekend Adventure

Weekend Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

It seems that all I post around here right now is about my adventures. Seriously, that is all that is really going on around here. I have kind of lost my knitting mojo…gasp…and am really not sure how to get it back. I am hoping that perhaps casting a new shawl on will do the trick but for the time being I have been doing other random projects (graphic design, cleaning, etc.) and have just been lazy. The bug I caught on Memorial Day held on a bit longer than I had hoped and I completely lost my voice on Thursday and still have yet to find it. Thus I have been lying low although I do feel a ton better and all that is left is to find my voice. However, enough on current things.

Weekend Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

Weekend Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

Despite the bug I still went out of town to my Grandmother’s house to help with a few beginning of summer chores including putting in her dock for the season this past Friday and Saturday. Actually, this is the first year that my Dad and I installed it on his property next door so it was a bit of an adventure. Normally I am the one to help install the dock but putting it in a new spot is always interesting. It took us several hours (probably around 5 spread over two days). However, it is done and looking awesome and ready to use. I love this spot. It is so cozy and makes me feel at home. Some day I want to live in a place like this, on the water in the woods secluded from most of the world.

Weekend Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

Weekend Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

Also on this trip we did some quick plant shopping for my Grandmother’s pots around the yard. I spent most of the time just soaking in the beautiful colors, while also occasionally making suggestions to use all of the colors instead of just choosing one color petunia. I couldn’t help but snap a few photos of the lovely colors.

Weekend Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

With that I will leave you for the day. I’ll be back later in the week with some knitting progress, but for now, hope that your June is filled with picnics on the beach, beautiful flowers, bright colors, iced tea on the patio, friends and family, and of course knitting.

~Stay Inspired


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