A New Project!

Lionberry: Wooly Mastadon

So, this week I finally found out the cause of my lack of knitting mojo. I realized that when I work the evening shift at my job at the grocery store (3 to 11pm), it really saps my creativity. When I work the morning shift, I get out at 3 and all I want to do is go home a knit. Thankfully this week I had a few of the earlier shifts so that is exactly what I did (after freelanced design projects of course).

In an effort to get back into knitting I cast on a new project. It is Lionberry by Narniel of Endor (my project page here: lilwestie). I love the look of the shawl and am really excited to see how mine turns out. I ended up veering from the instructions in my yarn choice (as always) and opted to use a skein of Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in the Galapagos colorway. I am knitting it on size 4 (US) 3.5mm needles (because my 5s were in use on my Splitstone). It was a gamble but I am liking the fabric this is creating. Lionberry is free on Ravelry and a lovely pattern. Fair warning for all you chart lovers out there, there are no charts with this shawl, just written instructions, but those instructions are clear and detailed. I am loving the way this is working up thus far and it is definitely an addicting knit. Check it out if you are so inclined.

Socks: Wooly Mastadon

I also spent some time this week knitting on my Splitstone and am finally to the bust increases. It is the perfect project to knit on while watching a podcast after work, and I did just that this week. I have also knit a bit on my socks which are now to the ribbing on the second sock. After that all I have are the heels and then my socks are complete! Yay for getting my knitting mojo back at least a little.

Well, that is all for this lovely first Friday in June. I’ll have more to share in the following weeks (in July Wooly Mastadon is one year old!). I’m also really looking forward to Tour de Fleece so watch for that when it comes around. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

~Stay Inspired


4 thoughts on “A New Project!

  1. FogKnits says:

    I love Chroma! I think it’s going to be a lovely shawl…the color is soft enough to not distract from the patterning! I’m prone to ignoring pattern suggestions as well 🙂


    • vaschwanke says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one. All of these podcasters who can knit late at night, they must be able to knit lace in their sleep and I don’t know if I envy them or not. It’s good motivation though, haha.


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