Something a Little Different

Sketching: Wooly Mastadon

Around here I like to share my creative endeavors. I enjoy it and I hope that you all enjoy looking at what I’m up to. However, I never ever under any circumstances share what I am drawing or sketching. Why? Not because it isn’t G rated, and definitely not because it’s secret. It’s all because I pretty much suck at drawing. Drawing is my downfall. I go to put something down to paper and it looks like a two year old put it there. I try to shade something in, and a giant blob of a mess appears instead of the detail that was in my head. Granted, I did better than my latest attempts at drawing in my college drawing classes mainly because I was drawing every or every other day for long periods of time.

So there you have it, a connection. Thus, I thought it was high time to start sketching again, not for anyone else but for myself so that I could get better. Here is one of my first meager attempts. Right now I thought I’d focus on people but needed images to work from. Why not my knitting and crochet magazines? Thus, my first sketch was pulled from Interweave Crochet Summer 2015. I opted to sketch the Irish Lace Top by Natasha Robarge. I didn’t choose this to specifically sketch the garment, but I chose it because the model was mostly in view and from the front. I know my resulting sketch is far from perfect: the proportions are way off and it is really light (and hard to see in this picture) just to name a few. However, you have to start somewhere don’t you.

Alas, we shall she how far this venture goes. Do any of you sketch? How do you practice and try to grow in your drawing?

~Stay Inspired


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