Yarn Dyeing Shenanigans

Yarn Dyeing: Wooly Mastadon

Last week on my day off, I ended up getting quite a bit done. I have already shared with you my handspun that I finished last week, but that day wasn’t dedicated to spinning that skein. I spent most of it dyeing yarn. Granted, when I say dyeing yarn I mean with food safe colorings such as Kool Aid, food colors, and icing colors. I own other dyes but I don’t have a separate dyeing space other than the kitchen so I don’t feel comfortable using all the toxic chemicals there, but I digress. Needless to say I ended up getting three skeins of yarn dyed, each around 450 yards.

Yarn Dyeing: Wooly Mastadon

All of these skeins inteded uses are to become shawls. I had in mind to dye up the orange one for a single skein shawl, and then the other two would become a larger two color shawl. However, I was going for black not purple on the darkest skein, and I don’t feel that teal and purple have the contrast I want. Now I’m considering using the orange and teal for a shawl and saving the purple to overdye later and use for the single skein project. Ah well, we shall see.

That is about it for my fun here. TDF is in full swing and I am really enjoying spinning all the things (more on that later this week). Are any of you interested in dyeing yarn with food safe dyes? Do you want me to share more in depth what I used? Do tell, as I don’t do this often but am considering doing it more simply because I like the process.

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