Something Different: The Coloring Craze

Coloring Fun: Wooly Mastadon

It probably isn’t news to you that adult coloring books and pages are a popular thing right now. They are enjoyed by many due to the relaxing qualities of letting go and coloring something that is already drawn out for you. They are perfect for getting your creativity back into gear, or as a stepping point into creativity for those who don’t really think they understand it. However, for me, this is not new. I just never stopped coloring in coloring books. In high school I was the one in the computer lab during study hall printing out coloring pages and whipping out my crayons to enjoy some nice zen time with music and paper. In college, it was a break from the fine art I made on a daily basis as I worked for my degree. Now it is still just something I do for fun. My huge box of crayons, and my collection of colored pencils and markers keep me going. The onset of back to school sales makes me giddy with excitement at the anticipation to seek out all the new and cool school/office/art supplies. I just love it.

Coloring Fun: Wooly Mastadon

All this to say that as of late, I have been spending a little time away from fiber to color. My Mother was interested in what I was doing as well and she hopped on the coloring bandwagon (not that she ever left it either). We’ve been enabling each other. I source most of my coloring pages online on sites that offer free coloring pages such as mandalas and more detailed flora, fauna, and abstract prints. It is relaxing and perfect for the stupid hot weather that makes me not want to go near wool of any kind (and yes, anything above 75 degrees is stupid hot in my book). Don’t worry, I’m still spinning up a storm for #TDF2015 on the #TCDTDF15 group. It’s lovely and I’ll share my progress later this week. Are you interested in coloring? I hope so.

~Stay Inspired


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