It’s Been a Year!

One Year Printable: Wooly Mastadon



Wow, I can’t believe it. On this day last year I hit publish to share my first ever post here on Wooly Mastadon. Since then I have never looked back. There have been ups and downs, weeks without posts and weeks with so many things to share. There were weeks where hardly anything creative was shared but only thoughts and feelings on events, there were tutorials, a great designer feature, and so much in between. Here it is, one year. Yes, this is a small blog, with much to learn and a lot of growing up to do, but it is my piece of the interwebs that I think of constantly. It is a place to share, and hopefully a place where both Wooly Mastadon and I can grow and change, for the better. To celebrate one year, I created this simple wall print for you to print out and put up on your wall (washi tape looks great, that’s what I did). Print it out and remember that behind every inspiring project is the hard work and act of creation that had to come first. Let’s see if that creation can make Wooly Mastadon a place to inspire in its second year, and thanks to all my readers for a wonderful first year. Here’s to many more to come!

~Stay Inspired


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