TDF Progress Update

TDF Update: Wooly Mastadon

It has been over a week since my first TDF progress update. We are in the last week of the event, and I am still enjoying the progress I have made. Week one came around with a completed skein of yarn. Week two was spent spinning my braid of merino/nylon blend in the Copper Harbor colorway. I was able to finish the first bobbin, but it is spinning very thin (lace weight singles) so the second took a bit longer. My original goal was to finish spinning the singles during the tour, but thanks to a few days off I was able to finish them u[. My final goal for TDF: finish this skein of yarn, plying, soaking, thwacking, and photographing. I hope to get the plying done today and tomorrow, with time for the skein to soak and dry before the event comes to an end. I have noticed improvement in my consistency of spinning singles and my ability to ply a balanced yarn during this tour, and it is really exciting. My spinning mojo is back and in full gear. We shall see how the end of this week and #TDF2015 wrap up.

~Stay Inspired


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