Just Some Knitting

WIPs: Wooly Mastadon

As you probably already have guessed, most of my time lately has been spent spinning for #TDF2015. However, this week I had a few days off in a row and was able to fit in some time to knit as well. Since I couldn’t decide on one thing, I picked up a few old projects and cast on something new (I’ll save that for later but here’s a peek). To start, I have made some progress on my Lionberry shawl. Technically if you go by the row count, I am half way through, but because each row is increased a bit, I am probably around 1/3 of the way through. I am loving the progress but I occasionally hit a row where I have to concentrate which means this can be no-podcast knitting thus slowing my progress. I really am enjoying how it is working up: the yarn and pattern seem to work well together. Stay tuned for this one.

WIPs: Wooly Mastadon

I have also been working on my toe-up socks that I keep on the needles at all time. I am already on the second sock and will probably have these off the needles in the next month. We shall see.

I still have other WIPs on the needles right now, but since the heat has officially set in, I am drawn to lace shawls and socks that don’t sit in my lap and make me too warm. I’ll be back this weekend to share my final results for TDF, but for now, enjoy your Friday!

~Stay Inspired


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