TDF 2015 FO Roundup

TDF Spinning: Wooly Mastadon

Well, today is the final day of TDF and I thought it would make sense to share my final products with you from #TDF2015. I made amazing progress this year. Last year I only managed to spin a little and didn’t even finish one skein of yarn. This year I successfully finished two skeins of yarn in the three week period. I am super excited about my progress, especially since this is the fastest I have ever spun, the quality has improved greatly, and the quantity is unheard of for me. I was happy if I’d finish a skein in a little over a month in the past. The first skein I spun up for TDF I finished in a week. But you want the stats, here you go…out of order.

The second skein I finished (pictured above) hasn’t yet been featured here. It is around 546 yards of a 2-ply sport weight yarn, spun up from a braid of sw merino/nylon in the Copper Harbor colorway from Camelot Dyeworks. I love this yarn, and am pretty sure that if a shawl doesn’t see it first, it will become a wonderful pair of socks to wear around the house in winter. I absolutely love it. It does veer away from my typical color tendencies, but ever since I saw this color, I knew I’d have to spin it up eventually and I am so happy I did.

Spinning FO: Wooly MastadonThe first skein I spun up for TDF all came together in a week. It is a skein of 352 yards of a 2-ply light worsted weight yarn. This is also from Camelot Dyeworks: her Gumdrops colorway in BFL. I had never spun BFL before and I must say I am converted and love it, perhaps even more than merino. I shared my progress earlier, but I must say this skein will need to be knit up ASAP. I love it!

Well that is it for TDF 2015. My spinning and knitting mojo is still going strong, so don’t expect this spinning to die down as quickly as it often does around here. Ah well, I’m off to work, but enjoy the last bit of your weekend!

~Stay Inspired



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