Christmas Knitting…Already?

Christmas Knitting: Wooly Mastadon

Yes, it is true. I have started my Christmas knitting. Spoiler to any family members that read this. Every year my Mother and I team up to make some kind of home-made gift in a basket with some small utensils or gifts. Often Mom makes a homemade mix of some kind (last year it was oatmeal) and I add the hand-knits (last year’s projects here and here). If I think of it, I like to start the projects early so that I can make a more indepth project and take my time to do the best I can. This year I chose knitted mitten ornaments. They are really cute and I am excited to see them on the final gift. The pattern is really easy to follow and memorize if you like to do that. I condensed it down onto a 3*5 card so I could bring the project to work. My favorite part about this project, it is a great stash-buster. I will not have to purchase a single skein of yarn to finish this, especially for the striped mittens. The color combinations are endless. We shall see how far I get, I am only on the second pair of at least 15. Anyway, I have a few months don’t I?

~Stay Inspired


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