Positivity: Wooly Mastadon

Positivity. We all need it. I need to share more of it here. Lately I have noticed that there is always a slight negative undertone to what I do and write on this blog. There is always a ‘but’ or a ‘however’ that takes the side of the not so lovely. Yes, these ideas and opposing or negative opinions to different topics are indeed essential (especially when reviewing something, I want to be honest here) but I also realize that I can become bogged down by the negative vibes. After reading this post on A Beautiful Mess today about bullying, I thought one of the corollaries to this post was perfect: be kind. Just be kind, stay positive, and stand strong for you and others. It is something that I need to remember and something that I feel everyone has room to grow in. Let’s make this weekend and the following weeks going into another school year (whether you are in school or not) an opportunity to start fresh and start cultivating and helping spread positivity. It’s needed, and especially on a Friday when I’m tired and sick of it all, I need that reminder. I am truly blessed.

~Stay Inpsired


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