A Current Project Returns

Scrap Ghan: Wooly Mastadon

Hey there, this is a knitting/crochet/fiber blog and you are all probably wondering what happened to that after last week’s thought heavy posts. Well, you might just know that I haven’t been knitting near as much as I would like. I have spun a little but my progress is slow. My personal emotional rollercoaster has been interesting and a few new things were added to my plate, some willingly and some exciting (more on that later this week). For now, however, I thought I’d share an update on a project that hasn’t been seen around here for some time now, my scrap afghan. Yes, it still exists and is out of hibernation for as long as I can muster the courage to work on it.

Scrap Ghan: Wooly Mastadon

The thing is, I was stuck on this project. I stashed it away in a bag (and granted it had to be one of those weekender sized bags because this project is so large) and didn’t look at it for months. About two weeks ago I was chatting with some friends about knitting/crocheting afghans. They were both talking about starting one and I said I have had one in progress for months only to get stuck. I explained the particulars of how I had originally messed up the pattern motifs and ended up with circles instead of hexagons. Then I decided to put a border around the circles to force the hexagon shape. That border took so long and looked bad but I didn’t know what to do so I gave up. Both friends suggested I rip out the old border, punt the idea of the hexagon motif, and make the afghan an afghan of connected circles. I stood there for a second, shocked that I hadn’t thought of it, and went home that day ready to start the afghan once more. I ripped out and crocheted the new borders on the few motifs I had already done and started on the rest. Now I am slowly making my way through the motifs putting a simple black border around each piece which I will later attach into a more mesh-like afghan.

And I am making progress. Finally my scrap ‘ghan is out of hibernation and becoming something that I will either be able to stash away or gift away at some point, and it is all thanks to a few friends who pointed out the obvious. Granted, I am not making fast progress on this project by any means. I am slowly moving forward when I have the time and energy after work every once in a while to work on it. The main thing is this, that I am working on it again, and that I don’t think it will be sitting in it’s half-completed state for much longer. Now I just need to finish my Splitstone

~Stay Inspired


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