Letterpress: Printing Cuts

Letterpress: Wooly Mastadon

You all probably guessed this was coming but here it is, more letterpress (first round here). In my latest ‘class’ the project was to pick out a cut (an image either cut from wood or brass or lead, normally mounted on a wood back), lock it up, and print it on one of the presses. I thoroughly enjoyed searched through all of the options, wondering in amazement at the finest details on each cut, and finally making the hard decision of what to print. There were so many options. In the end, I was in a silly mood so I decided, why not print the gorilla. That is exactly what I did. Apparently no one had yet printed this cut at our little studio so it was fun to see how it turned out.

Letterpress: Wooly Mastadon

I also thought I’d share a little tidbit here. One of the things we focused on during this session was how to make the cuts print the best, with the most clarity. I took a progression shot of 3 runs I did on newsprint as a test to get this guy to print correctly. You can tell it took a little tweaking, but we got it to print. Then I printed it on better stock.

Although I think I enjoy printing with type better, the novelty aspect of these cuts is just so much fun. I will definitely have to throw in a few of these into my printing every once in a while. Hope you have a wonderful and maybe even letterpress filled Monday.

~Stay Inspired


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