WIPs: Socks and Tapestry

WIPs Tapestry: Wooly Mastadon

As promised, I thought I’d share my current projects. Actually, this week has been a bit different. I ended up getting to teach an impromptu tapestry class as an allum at my college this week to help out a professor (this is what I do on my days off, haha). Let’s just say that although only a few of the students liked the activity (headstrong freshman can be hard to please in the second week of class), I had thoroughly caught the bug. I immediately pulled out my Martha Stewart Knit Weave loom kit to see if I could set up a frame to my liking. Let’s preface this with a statement, I have had this kit for at least 3 years. I got it for my birthday forever ago from my Mom and had all kinds of ideas…then stashed it away. I am not using this set as you are supposed to, my goal was to set up a tapestry weaving frame, and I was successful. I grabbed some crochet thread for the warp and pulled out a bunch of random yarn scraps I had been hoarding for this purpose as weft and went to town. It was so much fun and I can’t put this thing down. The piece I am working on isn’t the best (aka not good at all), I probably will just hide it somewhere as it doesn’t look that great, but the process has me spellbound. I will need to start a project in earnest soon, probably with my cones of wool.

WIPs Socks: Wooly Mastadon

I also spent some time with my next pair of toe-up socks. The are a quick knit, and I have been picking them up a bit more this week simply because about all I can knit in hot weather is socks. I am loving the yarn but I am pretty sure I will have to knit shorter legs/cuffs to ensure I don’t run out of it for the heel. We shall see, a date with the scale and ball of yarn will be happening tonight.

Lots of projects around here, perhaps to mask some of the ugly that is life, but let’s be honest, when it rains it pours. I am so surprised that in a stressful, crazy, emotional week, I could accomplish this much. I have no excuse for the weeks when everything is going well. That’s one positive thing for sure. Labor Day weekend is almost upon us, hopefully you can spend your last bit of summer with family and friends and knitting/crochet/fiber. For those of you who work (I will be too), I hope you find an hour or two to take a minute and breathe, you deserve it!

~Stay Inspired


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