Knitting, Knitting, Knitting my Splitstone

Splitstone: Wooly Mastadon

I’ve picked up my Splitstone again…finally. I realized that I had started knitting it on October 11th of last year and by golly I don’t want this project to reach the year mark. Thus I have faced the heat and knit regardless of the sweat dripping down my face have bravely started knitting. I am about half way through the bust increases which means, since there aren’t sleeves, that I am really quite far on this sweater/shell/thing. What surprised me is that after not actively knitting on it for over a month the cable panels have gone quite smoothly. I have run through one repeat of each cable and haven’t had any trouble. I noticed similar things when I was working on my Elder Tree shawl. It seems that if I put a project down for a long period of time and pick it back up it all of a sudden seems so much easier and I can finish it without too many issues. Alas, this is not my preferred method for knitting something, but it seems to work and just happen so there it is. Regardless this sweater is going to be finished by October 11th. I have put it down in writing here, hold me to it! I want to wear this this fall and winter and still love the pattern so it needs to happen. I will make it happen.

On another note, I hope if you lived in the U.S., that you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Hopefully, even if you worked like I did, that you were able to take some time for you. It’s the middle of the week. It can only get better.

~Stay Inspired


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