A Multitude of Opinions

Splitstone: Wooly Mastadon

When it comes to Fridays, I normally try to post something showing that I have actually done something throughout the week. I aim to share something inspirational that will fuel your weekend of creativity. Yet, sometimes that doesn’t always happen. This week seems to be one of those weeks. I have been busy, but mostly at work. I have been knitting, but I shared my projects with you this week already. It feels like it has all been done. But the truth is, it hasn’t all been done. I am still creating, still working on new projects, and plodding on old ones. I know the feeling that podcasters have when they say that the episode is going to be short, and that’s okay. Life can and will happen and it should.

This week was hectic, but also good. My mother celebrated a birthday, one that almost a year ago we weren’t sure she would even be able to celebrate. I knit quite a bit on my Splitstone, and don’t want to put it down. I am scheming for more letterpress projects. I have been able to spin a bit more. I have truly been enjoying music. There have been positive and good parts of this week to far outweigh the bad. And that is all that needs to happen. Hope your weekend is a good one.

~Stay Inspired


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