Sometimes All You Can Do Is Breath

Doodles: Wooly  Mastadon

I’ve been reminding myself of this lately: sometimes all you can do is breath. It has been an interesting weekend/week. Things happened, there was drama, and all through it I was working the evening shift at work (aka not functioning as a human being, I’m a morning person people). Through it all one thing has really helped me to calm down and actually try to get some sleep: doodling while listening to music. It sounds cheesy, and in a way it is. I remember in one of my first college art courses we were instructed to go home, listen to music, and draw/doodle/anything based on what we heard. We needed to let go and react with the music. I enjoyed the exercise even though all I ended up with was a bunch of squiggly lines. Even now I remember that project, but I never did it again. Then last week happened. My mind was racing, I couldn’t fall asleep, and the emotions were piling up to a level near explosive. I remembered this exercise and thought why not.

I put on some Enya (I grew up listening to her music and it is the best thing for relaxation) let go of my day, and sketched. All I ended up with were scribbles, some geometric patterns and a few random sketches, but the thing is, it worked. I was able to consistently calm myself down several nights in a row. I was able to let things go. Some nights it took longer than others to finally get into it and calm down, but it worked.

Perhaps some people would find this a random thing to post, but I thought I’d share. I missed Monday’s post this week, I was not in a place to make anything, do much of anything, or be very personable. But music has been getting me through, as well as friends, family, and knitting. The week is going to get better, and I am truly looking forward to tomorrow. I’ll share my exciting events with you later this week. Until then, listen to music, take time for yourself and

~Stay Inspired

P.S. It looks like Enya is coming out with a new album soon…maybe even this year. Is anyone excited with me?!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes All You Can Do Is Breath

  1. chrisknits says:

    We have had an upheaval in my household this past week too. I have been on my knees praying and crying for too many days. Music has been my solace, and staying busy helps! I pray all will be well at your end. I suck at doodling, it never looks like anything!

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