A Letterpress Pop-Up Show

Letterpress Pop-up Show: Wooly Mastadon

As I had hinted in my last post, I was looking forward to an even this week that would boost my spirits and just simply be fun. That event: a mini poster pop-up show in a local coffee shop. Why was this exciting? Well, because my work was going to be in it. As part of the apprenticeship program I went through at my local letterpress studio, we all thought it would be cool to put together a pop-up show of some work. Mini 5*7 inch posters were printed by each of us to sell to benefit the arts center and the letterpress studio. It was such a fun event. The show was held at a new local coffee shop/old fashioned toy store. It was just so much fun to look at the posters, get a drink, and go into the toy section to just play. They had juggling equipment that the staff showed everyone how to use, wind-up toys, old wooden train sets (my favorite!), puzzles, awesome board games, just everything. It was a lot of fun. The fact that my work could be in such a joyous and fun space was the best thing for me this week. Although I didn’t take photos of people there (it’s a small space so I didn’t feel like getting in people’s faces) I still had fun and got some photos of the work.

Letterpress Pop-up Show: Wooly Mastadon

In short, I have been busy with letterpress. I just didn’t share it here until the posters went up in the show. I also have a reject piece I did that just didn’t fit the evening, the text was far too somber. I can share that here at a later date, as I still like it. Well, that is all for now. I’m going to try to finish my Splitstone, the deadline is fast approaching! Have a wonderful weekend.

Oh yes, if you understood the reference I made in my poster in the first picture, you are amazing. Spoilers…Labyrinth is the best movie, the little worm in the brick-work is the cutest.

~Stay Inspired


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