A Couple Weeks of Crazy

FO Socks: Wooly Mastadon

I disappeared again, but for much longer than I thought. It’s cliche, I know. You disappear and then either you vow to post at your regular schedule or you say you’re going to step back from the blog and just let it be. I won’t commit to either at this point. I like posting on a schedule and often: it keeps me focused. However, sometimes it just doesn’t happen, like the past two weeks proved. I wasn’t idle. For starters I was training in for a new position at my job at the grocery store and lets just say it took a lot of brain-space, time, and energy (and will take a lot more, I won’t learn this quickly but I am more comfortable with my job each day). I still am not comfortable taking care of everything on my own in this position but I am enjoying doing something different. Thankfully I have learned to laugh off my mistakes or stupid comments (within reason, I’m not stupid) so training went decently well. That being said my knitting time went to sitting on the couch taking a break from thinking, walking my dog around the neighborhood looking at fall colors, and doing some necessary graphic design projects with looming deadlines.

But that time away from the blog also gave me time for things to happen. I hate when a blog is stagnent, and all you see are the same projects over and over again for weeks. With this brief, unplanned, hiatus, I was able to get some things finished, start some things, and brew a little more creativity.

FO Socks: Wooly Mastadon

Thus, my first (of a few more this week!) FO to share with you is my toe-up socks. I had started these at the end of August so it took a little over a month to knit these. They did go quickly, mainly because I knit a shorter cuff on these socks. I was worried about running out of yarn, but as usual, it worked out in the end. I actually like this length so perhaps more socks will be knit like these. For now, it is an FO after a stagnant quiet time here on Wooly Mastadon. Don’t worry, I’ve got things to share.

~Stay Inspired


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