FO: More Spinning!

Spinning FO: Wooly Mastadon

Like I mentioned Monday, I have a few things to share this week after my brief hiatus (can I call it brief, I think so). The next thing on the list is some spinning. I have had this fiber on the wheel since TDF and have been slowly spinning away. There was not a ton of fiber there, but it spun pretty thin. I ended up with about 372 yards of a heavy fingering weight yarn. It really is quite squishy and nice. My motivation for getting this off the wheel? It was in the plying stage and I wanted to show some people my spinning wheel. It is so much more fun to show them spinning wool than plying two strands together, don’t you think. One more reason, I am helping teach a brief spinning class to some fiber students at my college next week. I will need to gather samples and be ready for questions, but I am so excited.

What are you spinning? I’m plugging away at some fun fiber and I’ll share it soon. It’s Wednesday, and half the week is now over, yay!

~Stay Inspired


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