FO: Splitstone!

FO: Splitstone: Wooly Mastaond

I did it! I finally finished my sweater/shell/vest. I am so excited. Here are the specks: I knit the pattern Splitstone by Alicia Plummer, who is quite popular right now it seems, in Patons Classic Wool Worsted in black. I started knitting this last year on October 11th. My goal was to finish it within the season and wear it that winter. That really didn’t happen. I revised my goal to finish knitting it within the year, by October 10th of this year. Well, that didn’t happen either because of work. The thing is, it only took me a few extra days to finish the sweater. It irked me so much that I had let it go over the year mark over picking up stitches for the neckline that I just did it and completed the sweater within a few days of my deadline. I didn’t post it here because I wanted to take some decent photos of the sweater.

Cue yesterday’s weather. It was a beautiful fall day, and the leaves are almost done. There was a ton of color (mainly because I haven’t raked the yard yet…oops) and I thought it was probably my best day and perhaps last day to get these shots will any fall color. They aren’t the best but I had fun and I have a sweater to boot.

FO: Splitstone: Wooly Mastaond

My only issue with this sweater…it grew when I soaked it. I just soaked it and let it dry flat and even with that it gained some length. Ah well. It isn’t even super-wash wool. You live and you learn. The cable detail was fun to knit and the stockinette body made shaping and knitting the rest of the sweater a breeze. My row gauge was off by a bit so I kind of just went for it with the shaping. Some math was involved and the rest was kind of…I don’t know…can I call it instinct when I only have knit one other sweater? Fair warning with this pattern: there are quite a few ‘at the same times’ to keep you thinking. You have to keep track of which row you are on for each cable pattern at all times and shaping is added in sometimes as well. I solved this by marking rows on graph paper with what I was supposed to do each row and highlighting off a row when I completed it. It worked well, and kept the cables in order.

Overall, I still love this sweater. This is the first more detailed sweater I have knit and it makes me want to knit more. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am ready to cast another on, while wearing my Splitstone of course. The weekend is almost here. Happy Friday!

~Stay Inspired


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