A New Spinning Project

Spinning Projects: Wooly Mastadon

As always, when I finish a project on my wheel I immediately have to start a new one. I did just that this past week when I finished my last project. I started spinning up some of my hand-dyed fiber from Knit Picks. I dyed it this summer using kool-aid, icing colors, and food coloring. The process was enjoyable and I couldn’t wait to start spinning it up. Thus this project was started. What makes this extra special is that I taught a spinning class while this was on the wheel.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to help my professor teach her weaving students to spin yarn. We began with the hooked stick method, then went to a drop spindle, and finally the wheel. It was quite fun to share my love of spinning with others as well as show them what you could do. I brought a ton of spinning samples with me to show them, as well as a unique use for handspun. Unfortunately, the students weren’t quite as eager as I was to love spinning, but that was okay. I love it and was more than happy to share it with others. Thus the image above isn’t quite accurate. I happily spun a bit on this project as well as the one on my drop spindle while in the class. I got a little further on each and this class makes me want to spin all the things.

For now, I will happily spin away on this project. The good news, I will help teach that same class knitting tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some converts. Wish me luck.

~Stay Inspired


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