Another Cast-On: Mara

WIP Mara Shawl: Wooly Mastaond

So, to top off the week, I thought I’d share one more project that I was itching to cast on. If you remember, I shared in a post earlier this fall my must-knits and this was on the list, the Mara shawl by Madelintosh. I have wanted to knit this for ages and finally realized I had yarn in the stash that would work. Thus I cast on without delay (project page here). I must say this pattern is addicting but also stupid easy. The interesting part doesn’t come until the ruffle on the edge but I don’t mind that. My only issue is that I really will have to dig through the Ravelry project pages for Mara to see if anyone has a rough estimate for how much yarn you might need for that edging. I don’t want to come up short but I do want to use up as much yarn as possible. The life of a knitter, yarn chicken forever.

Well, I guess that wraps up this week. I’m still itching to cast something else on and just have to decide. The design bug has bit me again, so perhaps I will actually follow through with a promise I made forever ago. We shall see. Fall is almost over, snow is on the way (which I am stupid excited about, who’s with me?) and knitting is definitely at the forefront.

~Stay Inspired


One thought on “Another Cast-On: Mara

  1. chrisknits says:

    Someone needs to devise an algebraic formula that will compute the yardage for shawls. It must be doable! Percentages would help, but how to calculate what the percentage is on shawls that are different depths and widths?


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