Yarn Haul Goodness

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

This past week I had the opportunity to visit for the second time an amazing yarn shop, The Black Purl. It is a lovely shop located in Wausau, Wisconsin. I had stopped there once before earlier this year on a trip and was excited when I got to stop by again. This time, I came with a plan. I ended up purchasing three skeins of yarn and a pair of needles to try out. Here’s what I got.

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

For starters, I purchased another skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in the colorway Black Walnut (first image). Now, I have a plan for this. I already had the color Espadrilles and decided I wanted to make a shawl. The thing is, all the patterns I wanted to make (cue Kirsten Kapur’s Shawl Book One) used a bit more yardage or two colors. Thus my plan was set. I would save that skein until I could either order or get my hands on another skein of this yarn. Choosing a color was hard, but when I saw Black Walnut I was in love. I know it is a bit of a risky color combo but I am excited to see how the shawl will emerge. If I choose the right pattern, this could really shine.

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

The other two skeins of yarn I purchased are pretty boring but I have a plan. On my last visit I had purchased some Berroco Vintage in four colors. One of those colors was gray. I was thinking about it and if I added a bit more yardage, I would have enough for some time of color block or colorwork sweater. I decided to purchase two skeins of a gray (color 5107). Now all I have to do is find a pattern, which I sense will take a while. Alas, I have the yarn so that is done.

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

Finally I purchased a pair of circular needles. I have never tried Knitter’s Pride needles so I thought I’d pick up a pair. They are the Dreams US 3 (3.25mm) 24 inch needles. I hope they are nice but mostly I am just excited to try a new set of needles.

Well, that is all for now. I have yarn, I have needles. I am set for winter, bring on the holidays and the dark days: my afghan, tea, music, and knitting supplies are ready. I have more to share later this week (maybe even a fiber haul…gasp!) so stay tuned.

~Stay Inspired


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