Watercolors for Thanksgiving

Watercolors: Wooly Mastadon

Now, by the title you may think I am painting a mural or some amazing Thanksgiving cards or something awesome like that but, alas, watercolors get the best of me. The thing is, I know this going into it so I can let go. Every year I make the place cards for my family’s Thanksgiving get together and dinner. It’s a tradition now as I am the artsy/craftsy grand-kid in the family, and every year my Grandma opens up the drawer with past years cards and shows them to me with pride. I am shocked she has saved them all but I love sharing this memory every year so I keep it going. I had the itch to get out watercolors so this is as far as I got. I decided to splatter/wash/scratch paint all over a piece of poster board for the background. My plan is to cut out place cards from this and then hand letter the names on them afterward. I hope it turns out and I will share them when I am done, but for now I am knee deep in watercolors, Christmas decor (yes I am one of those people), and snow (yay). I hope your weekend is amazing and I’ll be back with more and the finished cards.

Watercolors: Wooly Mastadon Watercolors: Wooly Mastadon

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