Sewing…A Love/Hate Relationship

Sewing: Wooly Mastadon

For whatever reason this week I was bitten by the sewing bug. I haven’t sewn anything in more than a year (terrible, I know) and my project bag I always keep my socks in was getting quite dingy. For most people, the logical explanation would be throw the bag in the wash and deal with it until it is dry. My explanation, I have to sew a new pouch to put my project in so that I can wash the old project bag…yeah my logic is special. Regardless of that excuse I have been wanting to make a few more box bags to put my knitting in including a larger one for projects other than socks, so I got to work.

The original plan, make one small project bag like the one I have and one larger one for bigger projects. The reality, I messed up when cutting my fabric. Now don’t worry, it wasn’t a total loss although I wanted to throw in the towel the second I realized what I had done (including some sewing which I had to rip out). I had accidentally cut my fabric to the dimensions for a different tutorial. Well, at least I figured it out and realized I could use what I had if I simply cut out one more of each piece for the bag. I was lucky, I know, especially with my minuscule knowledge of sewing. I lost a lot of time with that setback but got back to work.

In the end I finished with one bag (I’ll have to sew the other bag another day, I simply ran out of time). It is going to be the medium of my set because the pieces were slightly larger than called for because of my mistakes earlier but I’m happy with it. I still want to sew another small bag since it is the perfect size for socks but this bag will be nice for small shawls and hats (and of course my socks while my small bag is in the wash). The pieces that are ready to sew into a larger bag will probably be big enough for a sweater (yay!).

In the end it worked out and I am ready to start my next sewing project. I have the start of that next project ready for me and I have a better handle on what I’m doing. Hooray for random weekday projects.

~Stay Inspired


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