FO: Mara Shawl

FO Mara Shawl: Wooly Mastadon

It’s done! Rejoice! Well, to be honest, this shawl was completed at the end of January, January 24th to be exact. Why haven’t I shared it here then, you ask? I just hadn’t taken the time to take the FO photos. Well, here they are. I finally am getting over the stupid cold that has hung on for over a week, and I don’t know about you, but when I start to feel human again after a bug I need to do things. It was a nice day with plenty of light and I knew I needed to photograph my shawl so that’s what I did.

FO Mara Shawl: Wooly Mastadon

The stats, this is Mara by Madelinetosh. I knit it out of 4ish skeins of Patons Classic Wool Worsted that I had gotten from my aunt years ago and never used. I had wanted to knit this shawl for forever and when I finally realized I could pair the yarn with this pattern it was a win win. I love this shawl, it’s so warm and cozy. I didn’t have near enough yarn to knit the full ruffle as the pattern called for (bad planning on my part) but I think this worked nicely. It’s huge and warm. The finished piece isn’t blocked, I saw no need for it, although I will give it a soak soon just to freshen it up.

FO Mara Shawl: Wooly Mastadon

Finally a FO to share with all of you. Hopefully there will be more where that came from, I am about to start a new pair of socks and a new shawl will be cast on very soon. Here’s to a weekend full of knitting, who’s with me?

~Stay Inspired


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