Spinning Craze

Spinning: Wooly Mastadon

The good ol’ Kromski Minstrel is getting a workout as of late. Once I got my last project off the wheel I’ve wanted to spin all of the things. The next project in the line-up was two braids of fiber my Mom picked out. The idea is that I will spin them, hopefully into something close to a two-ply fingering weight yarn, with the intent to knit a lace shawl of a decent size for her. She loves that I enjoy spinning and knitting and asked specifically for two shawls, and this is the first. She even bought the fiber so I can’t complain. This color is Here Comes the Bride from Camelot Dyeworks. I have two 8 oz braids of 100% merino so it is very soft and a dream to spin. It will be slow going and it is extremely out of my color comfort zone. I just hope I don’t lose interest but I am liking how it is spinning up and have an end goal for the yarn so I’m hoping to have success.

Spinning is back! Happy Wednesday, halfway there.

~Stay Inspired


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