Some Neon Adventures

DIY Tassels: Wooly Mastadon

This week was a week of projects, but not my normal projects. Yes I did work on my socks but mostly I had the urge to pull out my beading stuff…to make tassels. There’s a backstory here. I have wanted a cute key chain to put on my car keys for awhile, but most of the key chains I owned or looked at were far too heavy. Then I started thinking about the current trend, tassels. More specifically, neon tassels. I love these things but there was no way I’d pay that much money for a tassel. I went on Pinterest, found a really easy DIY with materials I already had and went to work. In hardly any time at all I had six tassels in varying sizes that I can put on keys, use in jewelry, or whatever else I choose.

beading projects: Wooly Mastadon

I love those easy projects that you start on a whim and at the end of the day actually were easy, simple, and look like they are supposed to. I love the neon colors and am ready to put them on everything (and make tons more). Per usual, when getting the materials for this project I also unearthed some cool metal charms I had received as a gift several years ago. All they needed was a cord so I also have two cool necklaces to welcome the summer with open arms.

beading projects: Wooly Mastadon

Now you know I not only have a fiber craft/art addiction, I also have a beading addiction too. It’s all good, I stay out of trouble that way…maybe. Happy weekend. Summer is coming, it’s going to be a good one.

~Stay Inspired


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