The Discovery Project

Wooly Mastadon: The Discovery Project

It’s been three years as of today…three years since Wooly Mastadon’s creation…well, the blog that is. This blog has been through periods of flourishes of activity, and periods of dormancy, but honestly, those periods of dormancy are the periods when I’m not happy. Those periods mean I really am not making much, not sharing my ideas with you, not furthering my creativity. I need to change this…if you stick with me through this post you’re a rock star. Here’s the thing, I think I have found a way to get back into my creative lifestyle….here it goes.

Over the past few evenings I decided to go back to a small sketchbook that I keep, mostly for knitting ideas. The last few used pages are far from that, no images, no sketches…just lots and lots of words. These are my thoughts that I wrote back in April about a personal project. At the time I didn’t know how big or small it would be, perhaps just a few small pieces, or perhaps something huge.

And then I let it sit…

I read them once again last night and realized that the main things I wanted to accomplish were these:

  • create tactile work (fiber related or otherwise)
  • design more (graphic design)
  • really start building my photography skills
  • write, write more, write often

I wrote this list several months ago not sure where it would go not, sure if I’d care when I looked back on it. Instead it resonated with me, to the point that it made me reflect on how I use my time and reconsider what I thought was important. The project? Well, in my sketchbook it was labeled “The Discovery Project”. Its purpose as I dutifully labeled it was to find where I truly belong in the art and design world, find my niche or at least find something that resonates with me.

It’s finally time to get this started. Over the past several months I have been absent from this place I have been struggling with the fact that I am not truly happy with my day job. I feel empty when I come home and lost as to where to start. I also started to realize that what had always grounded me before were the personal projects that I did to stay active in the creative realm…and I had lost those over time. It’s time to bring those back. I don’t know what they will be; if they will be a cohesive body of work or rather small fragments, similar to what has been left of my creative lifestyle. I don’t know how often I’ll have things to share, or how thought out they will be…but I will be sharing them.

I hope this is the beginning of something amazing, something that will not only help me find my creative purpose but also perhaps inspire others to do so as well.

~Stay Inspired


2 thoughts on “The Discovery Project

  1. Peggy Linn says:

    Good for you. I’ve been “gonna” for years and still haven’t —- who know perhaps you’ll inspire me to go back to that blog I started in China! I’ll enjoy following you on your journey.


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