Fall Cast-on?

It’s that time of year. The number of days below 70 degrees is growing and with it the urge to curl up under an afghan, a good knitting podcast on TV, and a new fall cast-on on the needles. It’s a picture I’ve been dreaming of since mid-summer when the temps rose and our apartment’s average temp was a minimum of 80 degrees. Yet, now as this image slowly comes into reality I have no idea what to cast on. Do I knit a sweater? If so is it a pullover, cardigan, does it have a hood? Is it a huge chunky shawl? Is it simply a hat? Should I really be thinking about Christmas gifts (please no, not yet)?

All these questions have been running through my head and as I browse my queue on Ravelry or just browse the patterns section but I just can’t seem to settle on a pattern. I’ve even dug through my back issues of knitting magazines to no avail. I just want to cast on everything…thus in that case nothing. I freeze.

For over two years I’ve been sitting on 2,200 yards of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted in the Blackberry colorway (purple of course…I can’t avoid it!). The problem: I will not cast a new project on until I find that ‘perfect’ project. I want to use up as much yardage as possible (which isn’t hard since I’m not a small person) but also make something I can live in. When I find something interesting there is always a flaw. I don’t know whats stopping me. Perhaps its the fear I won’t wear what I make…a sweater’s quantity of yarn isn’t exactly cheap. Even then, it shouldn’t stop me, I should plow ahead without worry because if I don’t this yarn will sit in my stash forever.

This is it, this is the year I will finally cast on my sweater! But what to choose. Throughout this post you have seen several options. What do you think I should choose? Do you have a pattern suggestion? What do you do when you don’t know what to knit? Let me know!

~Stay Inspired


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