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Hi, I’m Victoria Shaffner and the face behind Wooly Mastadon. I am a graphic designer by trade, and finished my BFA in Graphic Design (yippee) in 2014. I love design, but I can’t keep my hands off fiber and all of its tools. This brand actually came about from a class project, where my professor asked me to develop a brand for something I loved…lo and behold Wooly Mastadon was born. This comprehensive branding system became an obsession that is being plotted and planned and grown with each day, month, and year. It has been a winding road, full of fiber, knitting, crochet, felting, spinning, jewelry making, design, and so much more. I hope that you can come along for the ride and share some of my fibery obsessions here on this little piece of the interwebs.

Find me on Ravelry as lilwestie, feel free to friend me.

Find me on Instagram as victoriaschwanke.

P.S. I love collaborations and new projects, whether fiber related or graphic design. Feel free to look at my portfolio and my website to see what I’m up to and to contact me about making something awesome!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. starlighthill says:

    Hello Victoria, I left a comment on your loom post last night, but it isn’t showing up. I just purchased a similar 25″ loom and have written to the company for more info. Have you begun using yours yet? Do they need to be on a stand?


    • vaschwanke says:

      Hi there! It seems that the comment on the loom post got lost, but glad to find you here. I actually have yet to warp my loom. I don’t plan on trying to use it with a stand, and am planning on getting some help warping it the first time from a person who teaches weaving at a local college. I’m itching to use it but because of how college semesters go, I probably won’t get to meet with this person and warp it until the new year (which is really sad, but I guess patience is key, haha). However let me know if you hear anything. I plan on sharing my process, etc when I do warp it and share how it works. Glad to hear you are excited about this loom as well, it seems to be hard to find information on it.


      • starlighthill says:

        I found out, basically, nothing from Schacht. I’ve now asked if this loom is made to me used on a stand or can it be used on a table. How will you use yours? Diane


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