Another FO Round-up

Crazy Socks: Wooly Mastadon

Despite what my absence here may have suggested I did indeed finish a few projects over the past several months. I kept busy here and there finishing up older projects and starting some new ones. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Mom's Socks: Wooly Mastadon

Of course I knit socks. I finished two pairs, one for my Mom and one for me. I love socks because I can knit them without thinking which means I always have a pair on the needles or at least yarn for the next pair picked out and ready to cast on. Mom’s pair of socks was knit out of Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering in the Laurelhurst colorway on US size 1 (2.25 mm) needles. My crazy socks were knit out of Plymouth Yarn Neon Now in colorway 2 on US Size 1.5 (2.5mm) needles. Both socks were a dream to knit and perfect for travel projects.

Amigurumi: Wooly Mastadon

I also completed some amigurumi. First to be noted would be Pickett, the bowtruckle from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (which is a fantastic movie if I say so myself and I absolutely cannot wait for the next one…who’s with me?!). He was part of my halloween costume and a popular little guy at work. Moving forward this past month a few more creatures came to life. A small amigurumi hippo flew off my hook as well as a knitted cat. Both are destined to be gifts for expecting moms.

Dad's Hat: Wooly Mastadon

Last but not least, I knit a hat for my Dad. When Knit Picks released the pattern for the Marled Rib Hat by Hannah Maier I wondered if perhaps it was the one, the pattern that would produce a hat my Dad would actually wear. This hat practically knit itself and in a few days I had this hat complete and ready for Dad to try on…and he liked it and requested two more! This is a huge success in my book. This hat was knit out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport in the Bramble Heather colorway. Fun fact: this is some yarn I have had for years, yarn from my first ever Knit Picks order and one that my Dad actually went yarn shopping online with me for. Perhaps that helped make this hat a winner.

I think that about rounds up my FOs from over the past few months. I may have knit a dishcloth here or there but nothing major to note. What projects do you go to when you need a simple project? Do you have any family members who are tricky to knit for? I want to hear from you!

~Stay Inspired

FO: Summertide Shawl…My Wedding Shawl

Our Wedding: Wooly Mastadon

At last the anticipated wedding shawl post! After teasing the silly story behind this here it is. When Justin proposed the first thing I did was go on Ravelry and search for a lace shawl pattern to knit for a wedding shawl. I had narrowed it down to two patterns and ended up going with the Summertide Shawl by Helen Stewart. Immediately after I ordered yarn to go with the one skein of teal yarn I had in my stash (because I don’t keep white singles yarn on hand). This all happened in a day…I was determined to finish this shawl in time for a date that wasn’t even set!

As soon as the yarn arrived I cast on. I knit the shawl (Rav pattern page here) on US size 6 needles (4.00 mm) out of one skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in the Glass Bottom Boat colorway and one skein of Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in the Bare colorway. This shawl was truly a breeze to knit and the way the pattern was written made tracking progress easy and fun. Yet, as always, I knit full steam for a few months and then, in good Tori fashion, I let it sit untouched for a few months while I pushed to finish other wedding items and take care of Mom. Not until April did I really push to finish the shawl.

Our Wedding: Wooly Mastadon

In April my Mom had a stay of about a week in the hospital for complications due to chemo. We didn’t know what was going to happen so no matter what each evening after work I went to stay with her for the evening, and I would knit. In that time I finished a sock (and most of the second) and a hat for my Dad. That lead me to realize perhaps I should take the wedding shawl with me in the hopes of finishing it. That’s all it took because in one evening I had finished the last clue and bound off the shawl. Better yet my Mom had trouble focusing on conversation but she eagerly watched me knit on this shawl, smiling and just enjoying our time together. That memory of her rejoicing with me as I bound off the last stitch is a good one.

A week later I blocked the shawl and waited for a chance to show my Mom. On Mother’s day, less than a day before her passing, she had enough energy to see the final product. Although very weak she had strength to look at it in wonder and say it was beautiful. Looking back I realized that was her last moment of clarity before she went home and I will treasure that moment forever.

This shawl was the perfect thing for our wedding day. It had its moment in our photos after the ceremony and when it chilled a bit in the evening it came to the rescue to keep me warm. Not only that, this shawl holds memories I can and will treasure, of Mom, of my family and friends, and mostly of my Husband and our wedding day.

Til next time,

~Stay Inspired

Photo Credit to Bri Marie Photography


Our Wedding ~ 6-9-2018

Our Wedding: Wooly Mastadon

As promised today I’ll be sharing some of the details of our wedding. Honestly, I’m not sure what to share. It was a whirlwind of a day and an absolute dream that my husband and I will look back on with love for the rest of our lives. The day was perfect, the date even better being on my parent’s 39th wedding anniversary.

When my husband proposed I knew I wanted two things from our day: I wanted no fuss and I wanted as much as I possibly could manage to be hand-made or at least mostly hand-made. I immediately started scouring Pinterest for wedding invitation/save the date ideas, decor, the works. However, the first thing on the list was to find a pattern for a wedding shawl. My Mom remarked that ‘only my daughter would search for yarn and a knitting pattern for a wedding shawl before anything else has even been planned.’ She said it with pride and a smile and she was right; we didn’t even have a date, a venue, anything, and I had ordered yarn and was looking for a pattern for a wedding shawl only days after the proposal.

Our Wedding: Wooly Mastadon

The planning just seemed to fall into place, we got a venue, an absolutely amazing hall in our small town that was small but beautiful, Brownstone Hall (amazing food, amazing people who went above and beyond!). Our DJ Keweenaw Tunes (again, amazing person and made our reception so fun) and photographer Brianne Bri Marie Photography (she’s amazing!) were soon to follow. Over time I designed the save the dates and the invitations. I made a form of a ‘brand’ for our wedding so that each piece matched. Thanks to my Mom’s suggestion a digitized crocheted doily was the framework of our wedding paper goods. Mint/teal and peach were our colors. My amazing coworker and floral designer did our flowers (Bobbi at Econo in Houghton, MI…check her out for any weddings in the area!!!). Our cake was from Econo as well and  was carrot cake because why have anything else.

Honestly all the time spent making favors, paper-goods, bow ties (yes I sewed the bow ties because bow ties are cool), and other items for the wedding is a blur, because as I was creating these items I was also caring for and worrying about my Mom. Each piece was made with love and extra care because I put all the hope and joy that I had into the things I made for the wedding when our lives were plagued with uncertainty.

Our Wedding: Wooly Mastadon

When the day finally came I was probably more prepared than I should have been but that was good. Hardly anything had to be put together last minute. Our bridal party made decorating the hall a breeze and everyone pitched in when I had no idea what to do with the stuff I had brought. Our day flowed relatively smoothly and we started the service on time! Our photographer was absolutely amazing taking photos and even helping us when we had an issue styling our hair for the wedding (she even put the beaded half tiara I had in my hair when we couldn’t figure out how to place it!)

As the day went on Justin (my husband) and I were nervous but so ready. My Dad’s wedding sermon was filled with silly stories and love and Mom’s memory all tied together the message of Jesus. Looking back on the day everyone said that Justin, myself, and even my Dad were simply glowing with happiness. Seeing our closest friends and family was the best.

Our Wedding: Wooly Mastadon

When we moved to our reception everything went well. I danced more than I have in my entire life. My Dad and the Best Man made the most amazing speeches. Dad connected his entire speech to the father’s speech from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (my Mom and my absolute favorite movie) and completed it with a gift to us, a bottle of Windex. The Best Man’s speech was so thought out and connected to us that we both were just about in tears from the amount of love and care that he showed us. He even quoted Dr. Seuss at the end so it couldn’t have been better.

Our first dance was “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and honestly our day was just that; A day of love, joy, and the beginning of an amazing life and adventure.

Sorry if this post was too long and full of tangents. Looking back on our day it is truly all a dream and sometimes it’s hard to believe it even happened until I wake up next to my husband and realize, yes the dream is real and the adventure isn’t a hope anymore but reality. I’ll share details on my wedding shawl soon. Until then…

~Stay Inspired

All photos in the post are courtesy of Brianne of Bri Marie Photography! Thanks to her for her amazing work!!!

Mini Vacation Yarn Haul

Mini Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

This past weekend my husband and I managed to slip away from the crazy and take a four day weekend. In combination with some errands getting away from the crazy was much needed and so worth it. Being able to visit Grandma and our favorite place on Earth made it even better. Some much needed lake time was involved and lots of fresh air. Of course, I can’t take a trip to Eagle River, WI without heading to St. Germain and stopping at Just Yarnin’. Knowing my love for yarn my husband obliged and we headed to the yarn store.

I was pleased to find that Just Yarnin’ had some amazing dyers in stock that I have wanted to try for a long time, so I did some damage…pure wool piggery. It’s okay though, because while I was a kid in the candy store grinning like a cheshire cat, the shop dog (so cute and friendly!) parked by my husband and kept him occupied! Here’s what I got:

Knitted Wit: Wooly Mastadon

It seems I can’t leave this yarn store without some Knitted Wit yarn (I still haven’t used the skein I bought last year…it’s so beautiful so I want to find the perfect project for it). This time around I got two skeins, both in the single fingering, one in the Hawaii Volcanos colorway and one in the Autumn Rainbow colorway.

Dream in Color: Wooly Mastadon

Next up is a yarn I’ve wanted to try for a long time: Dream in Color. I got one skein of her Jilly base in the POP UP! Skein Club August 2017 colorway. I love the colors and how soft this yarn is.

Three Irish Girls: Wooly Mastadon

Finally I got one skein of Three Irish Girls in the Adorn Luxe base in the Baby I’m a Star colorway. I cannot wait to try this as it is yet another dyer I’ve wanted to try yarn from for a long time!

We’ll see what I knit up with these yarns. They are all so beautiful and soft. Shawls anyone? As for Just Yarnin’ I must say I love this yarn store and the yarns, notions, kits, and help they have to offer. If they were closer to home I’d definitely join in on their knit alongs and classes. If you are in the St. Germain area check it out, it is an awesome LYS! Before I sign off for the day I need suggestions…especially shawl pattern suggestions! Let me know what has been catching your eye on Ravelry (I’m lilwestie there)!

~Stay Inspired

FO: Vernal Equinox Shawl

Vernal Equinox for Mom: Wooly MastadonAs I promised here is my first FO to share since disappearing in August. After I completed my Waiting for Rain Shawl I knew I had to cast on another right away. I also sensed that Mom was fading and perhaps wouldn’t have a lot of time. Thus I cast on the shawl she chose: Vernal Equinox Shawl Surprise by Lankakomero. It is a free pattern on Ravelry and absolutely gorgeous. Mom and I sat down together to pick this pattern out and she fell in love with it immediately. I knew I could complete it but it was a bit of a daunting task as it is the largest shawl I’ve ever knit and the most detailed. Ready for a challenge I cast on (see my Rav project page for more info).Vernal Equinox for Mom: Wooly MastadonThis shawl was knit in my own handspun yarn, a lace weight two ply. The fiber was dyed by Camelot Dyeworks and was what I believe is a merino nylon blend (I have no idea where the tag is and Ravelry notes are lacking at the moment). Knit on size 7 needles the project was a breeze. By far this was the fastest shawl I’ve ever knit, being completed in just over 3 months (I know I knit slow, or really I get distracted and go work on 8 million other things in between). Although quite detailed, the pattern and lace were intuitive and easy to follow. The result is stunning.Vernal Equinox for Mom: Wooly MastadonUpon presenting this shawl to my Mom she absolutely loved it, and to my surprise and joy agreed to a photo shoot in front of our church’s Christmas tree (and probably the nicest tree we’ve ever had I must say!). At the time I was elated that she wanted photos and was so proud that she loved her shawl so much that she agreed to capture the moment in photos.Vernal Equinox for Mom: Wooly MastadonAs I look back I realize this is more than just a shawl, it is a blessing. My Mom hated getting photos taken, and right til the end most photos were forced so having these photos with true smiles and family are a treasure I will always hold close among the few photos I have of my Mom. Her shawl was given back to me; my Dad thought I needed a proper hug from her and what better way than to wear her shawl when I miss her. I wore it at her funeral and have worn it many times since then and with each stitch and fiber there is love. This shawl is not only what I hope will become a family heirloom but also a hug from my Mom when I need it most.

I’ll be back soon with our wedding story and some photos (and a wedding shawl!). Until then…

~Stay Inspired

Life Lately: Joy and Sadness

Mom and Me

It’s been a while, to say the least. Sometimes you have plans to do amazing things, and are forced to take a step back. In the months following my last post so many things happened. My now husband and I were planning a wedding and being the person I am, I ended up making a lot of things by hand. While we were planning and making Mom’s cancer progressed farther and faster than any of us could expect.

Christmas was amazing, one that I will remember forever. My Mom and I went all out and made the house a winter wonderland and baked far too many cookies than any of us could reasonably eat (but we did….yeah). We celebrated and enjoyed one last Christmas together. Then with the new year, Mom’s cancer got far more aggressive. She became house bound, and her chemo treatments were weekly with more visits to the doctor for side effects from the chemo. Her health slipped.

Mom made sure that when she did have energy she was helping us plan our wedding, talking about projects and cooking, and caring so much about us all. But her time was less and less. The day after Mother’s Day Mom went home to heaven. Her funeral was that following Friday. It was bittersweet. We got to see family a few weeks earlier than planned.

Less than a month later was the wedding, a celebration that both my husband and I will remember forever (I’ll share more details soon). It was perfect. Everyone says one detail of the wedding will go wrong and seriously wrong. We didn’t have that. Everything went smoothly and was amazing. My Dad walked me down the isle and did our wedding service. Our only sad part to our day was missing Mom, but she was rejoicing from heaven.Mom's Shawl: Wooly MastadonWhat does this have to do with Wooly Mastadon? I’m not sure yet. What I do know is that right now the loss of my Mom is setting in. I didn’t have a chance to grieve. Now that I have a bit more time, the realization is hitting and hard: she’s gone. My husband has been truly supportive through all this but even he knows that sometimes the only way to heal is time, and doing something you love. For most of 2018 I did not create much of anything. I was a caregiver for my Mom and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but to properly work through her passing I think it only makes sense to start creating once again. My Mom was my partner in crime when it came to art/crafts/creating. I bounced all my ideas off her, asked her for advice, and just shared in the experience of creating. Although I will never replace my Mom perhaps you can now be my outlet. Let’s create a community and share. Let’s heal together.

P.S. The shawl in the first photo is one that I knit in only a few months, the shortest amount of time it has ever taken for me to knit a shawl. It was for Mom and I finished it in time for her to have it to wear for Christmas. I’ll share more on this later on as well as wedding fun!

~Stay Inspired

FO: Waiting for Rain!!!

Waiting for Rain: Wooly Mastadon

I can’t believe it…this shawl is finally done. It only took over a year to complete, but this shawl was completely worth it. The pattern is Waiting For Rain by Sylvia McFadden and it is such a fun knit. The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Bare that I dyed myself with food coloring knit on US size 6 (4.00 mm) needles.

Waiting for Rain: Wooly Mastadon

This shawl was truly a dream to knit. The lace rows are intuitive and the garter breaks in between were perfect for TV (podcast) knitting. Can I also mention that this shawl is big! I’m used to one skein shawl projects so using all but a few yards of each color meant I have a snuggly shawl for the fall winter and spring seasons…or chilly summer evenings.

Waiting for Rain: Wooly Mastadon

While I’m at it, as you may have noticed in my picture, life has been pretty exciting lately. Saturday evening the love of my life asked me to marry him and I said yes! Thus I may share some of the things I diy in the coming months for a…gasp…wedding. Don’t worry, this place will still first and foremost be for my fiber adventures, but a few things here and there might get slipped in the mix. First on the list (and literally first, nothing is set and I’m already planning this) is a shawl for the big day. I’ll share my plan in the coming weeks…once the yarn I ordered comes in…and yes I already ordered yarn for a shawl. Good things to come and more knits to share!

~Stay Inspired


FO: Socks!

Sock FOs: Wooly Mastadon

As you may have gotten from the title, I have some finished pairs of socks to share with you today. Not being quite prepared I didn’t share them as quickly as I had hoped and dived right into a mini four day vacation with my family and boyfriend. Vacations by the lake are amazing, vacations by the lake at your Grandmother’s house are even better. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I didn’t take photos this time as I was thoroughly enjoying the sunny weather, and for you that meant no blog post to show off my socks. Well here it is!

The first pair (rav link) I finished actually just before my WIPs roundup post went up. I knit these out of Cascade Yarns Heritage Wave in the Solar colorway on US 1 (2.25mm) dpns. It was an enjoyable experience and the way the color plays on the socks is so cool. I don’t have any socks on the red side of the color wheel so they fill the void nicely.

Sock FOs: Wooly Mastadon

The other pair of socks I finished are these stripey beauts (rav link). I knit these magic loop (my ususal) out of Knit Picks Felici Fingering in the Sprinkles colorway. These were so much fun to knit as I always wanted to knit ‘one more stripe’. I may need to cast on my other skeins of Felici soon.

Well, there you have it, two new pairs of socks ready and waiting for fall. This year I’m on the fence, do I want fall to begin yet or not? The pull of wearing warm woolly handknits again is certainly getting stronger. I guess I’ll take what I can get!

~Stay Inspired


Pure Wool Piggery…9 Months Worth

Yarn Swift: Wooly Mastadon

Yes, this post is as it states, a show of wool piggery in its purest form. In my defense some of this I got for Christmas 2016 and the rest was acquired throughout the rest of 2017 thus far. There is a lot of Knit Picks here and I also went to a new and amazing yarn shop, Just Yarnin’ (review to follow in a few weeks!). I don’t have all the yarn shown here (some is in my scrap ghan and some is who knows where but from brands like Lion Brand and Red Heart designated for projects for my family and boyfriend). Without further ado, the yarn parade!

First of all I bought a yarn swift!!!!! The best picture I have is of the swift and yarn above but man was I excited to get this. The swift is from Knit Picks but I have know they have amazing customer service and it is perfect for my needs. It actually came two weeks ago and the day it came I was parading it around the house like a weirdo but I have no shame admitting it!

Knit Picks Yarn: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right: Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Renaissance, Knit Picks Chroma Twist Fingering in Manzanita, Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering in Montavilla

This gorgeous yarn was a Christmas gift from my amazing parents. I hit up Knit Picks Cyber Monday sales and got this yarn and waited not so patiently to unwrap it on Christmas Eve.

Knit Picks Yarn: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right: Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering in Wilshire, Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Deep Waters

I also snagged this yarn on the Cyber Monday sale. These are designated for shawls…I just have to decide on patterns…

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right: Araucania Yarns Huasco in 47 Porto Martini, Araucania Yarns Huasco in Laguna Beach

This summer I was able to finally visit an amazing yarn shop, Just Yarnin’ in St Germain, WI, only about 25 minutes away from my Grandma’s house. I picked up a ton of yarn (thanks mom for buying me a skein too!). I absolutely have to to back, and am so happy its at least ‘local’ to me in the sense that I visit my Grandma a lot!

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right: Wonderland Yarns Cheshire Cat in Bee Yourself, Knitted Wit Single Fingering in Enchanted Forest

Might I add that this shop carries Wonderland Yarns!!! So excited for this one. The Knitted Wit caught my eye and one of the women in the shop was knitting it up into a project. It looked stunning so I couldn’t pass it up.

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right: Red Heart Heart and Sole in Sorbeto, Red Heart Heart and Sole in Lakehouse

That same trip but another day we ended up heading to another town to shop and Hobby Lobby had these on clearance…Hello socks!

Knit Picks Yarn: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right (note all are Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering): Compass Kettle Dye, Confetti Speckle, Turkish Delight Kettle Dye, Graffiti Speckle, Poseidon Kettle Dye, Aquatic Kettle Dye, Blackbird Kettle Dye, Cosmic Speckle

You may recognize this yarn from the box image at the head of this post. Yes I did buy this all at once. This amazing selection of glory is a Hawthorn sampler pack and I have no regrets. Find Your Fade anyone?

Notions Haul: Wooly Mastadon

On to the notions. At Hobby Lobby I picked up some needles and scissors for a few small projects. The big deal are the Addi Turbo Sock Rockets! I got these at Just Yarnin’ and I am beyond excited to try them out ASAP!

Just Yarnin: Wooly Mastadon

Finally, the amazing shop owner of Just Yarnin’ added these lovely notions to my bag with my yarn purchase. I must say their logo is amazing (my inner graphic designer is happy!). Definitely check them out if you are ever in the area!

Phew, that’s a lot of yarn. Let’s be honest though, I regret nothing! I know I’m an addict. Now I need to knit it up…pattern suggestions welcome! Have an amazing week!

~Stay Inspired

Currently Knitting

Waiting for Rain: Wooly Mastadon

As promised today I’m stopping by to share my current projects with you, or my WIPs. I think I’ll start in the order that they were cast on or oldest to newest. I would also like to add that some of these have been sitting, but my knitting mojo…my creative mojo…is back so these should all be completed soon to make room for more new projects. My habit of browsing Ravelry for new patterns has also returned and I want to knit all of the things. I’m also open for suggestions. Okay, on to the knits:

Waiting for Rain: Wooly Mastadon

My oldest WIP for the moment (that isn’t in hibernation) is currently my Waiting for Rain by Sylvia McFadden. For a while everyone was knitting this and I couldn’t be left behind. Then in good ol’ Tori fashion, I let the project sit because I was convinced I had to be 100% focused on the project. Not so! The garter sections are a great break from the lace panels and even those are a joy to knit and make perfect sense. Now I can’t seem to put it down and can’t wait to have the finished product in my hands.

The specs: (Rav Link)  yarn, Knit Picks Stroll Fingering hand-dyed by me ; needles US size 6 4.0mm

Scrap Ghan: Wooly Mastadon

Next up, my Granny Scrap Ghan. I gave up on my last afghan project and put it into hibernation months ago, but kept getting the itch to work on another one. Thus, I decided on one big granny square as it is currently the only type of afghan I enjoy making. I love this project although it has been getting less love during the hot summer weather.

The specs: (Rav Link) Red Heart Super Saver in various colors (using up scraps); hook US size H/8 5.0mm

Socks: Wooly Mastadon

Socks: Wooly Mastadon

On to the socks! I will bundle these two projects together to a point. I knit all my socks toe-up with an afterthought heal (with the placed waste yarn so not a true afterthought heal, I know) on US size 1, 2.25mm needles. The only difference between these two pairs is one is knit magic loop method on what I believe is a 32 inch cord (my preferred method for my travel project socks) and the other is knit on dpns. I tried Knitters Pride Karbonz for the first time and I love them! The stitches don’t slide off the needles and they are light weight. In fact those socks on dpns…they’re finished as of Friday! Yay for a new FO. I’ll share some photos later this week.

The specs: (Rav Link) DPNs: Cascade Yarns Heritage Wave in Solar; needles Knitters Pride Karbonz US size 1, 2.25mm

(Rav Link) Circs: Knit Picks Felici Fingering in Sprinkles; needles Knit Picks Fixed Circulars US size 1, 2.25mm

Dishcloth: Wooly Mastadon

Dishcloths, oh dishcloths. When my Mom asks me for something like this I can’t say no. Thus I pulled out some leftover cotton from a box of yarn from my Aunt and got to work. The pattern is from an old knitting book that I adapted to fit my needs and it is her favorite dishcloth by far. It’s a simple project and a quick knit during the summer heat.

The specs: (Rav Link) Misc Scrap Cotton; needles Hobby Lobby (no idea the exact brand) fixed circs in size US 6 4.0mm

Well, that’s it. This is what I’m currently working on. As many of these projects are close to completion I’m looking for my next project. What should I knit next?

~Stay Inspired