Pure Wool Piggery…9 Months Worth

Yarn Swift: Wooly Mastadon

Yes, this post is as it states, a show of wool piggery in its purest form. In my defense some of this I got for Christmas 2016 and the rest was acquired throughout the rest of 2017 thus far. There is a lot of Knit Picks here and I also went to a new and amazing yarn shop, Just Yarnin’ (review to follow in a few weeks!). I don’t have all the yarn shown here (some is in my scrap ghan and some is who knows where but from brands like Lion Brand and Red Heart designated for projects for my family and boyfriend). Without further ado, the yarn parade!

First of all I bought a yarn swift!!!!! The best picture I have is of the swift and yarn above but man was I excited to get this. The swift is from Knit Picks but I have know they have amazing customer service and it is perfect for my needs. It actually came two weeks ago and the day it came I was parading it around the house like a weirdo but I have no shame admitting it!

Knit Picks Yarn: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right: Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Renaissance, Knit Picks Chroma Twist Fingering in Manzanita, Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering in Montavilla

This gorgeous yarn was a Christmas gift from my amazing parents. I hit up Knit Picks Cyber Monday sales and got this yarn and waited not so patiently to unwrap it on Christmas Eve.

Knit Picks Yarn: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right: Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering in Wilshire, Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Deep Waters

I also snagged this yarn on the Cyber Monday sale. These are designated for shawls…I just have to decide on patterns…

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right: Araucania Yarns Huasco in 47 Porto Martini, Araucania Yarns Huasco in Laguna Beach

This summer I was able to finally visit an amazing yarn shop, Just Yarnin’ in St Germain, WI, only about 25 minutes away from my Grandma’s house. I picked up a ton of yarn (thanks mom for buying me a skein too!). I absolutely have to to back, and am so happy its at least ‘local’ to me in the sense that I visit my Grandma a lot!

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right: Wonderland Yarns Cheshire Cat in Bee Yourself, Knitted Wit Single Fingering in Enchanted Forest

Might I add that this shop carries Wonderland Yarns!!! So excited for this one. The Knitted Wit caught my eye and one of the women in the shop was knitting it up into a project. It looked stunning so I couldn’t pass it up.

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right: Red Heart Heart and Sole in Sorbeto, Red Heart Heart and Sole in Lakehouse

That same trip but another day we ended up heading to another town to shop and Hobby Lobby had these on clearance…Hello socks!

Knit Picks Yarn: Wooly Mastadon

Left to right (note all are Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering): Compass Kettle Dye, Confetti Speckle, Turkish Delight Kettle Dye, Graffiti Speckle, Poseidon Kettle Dye, Aquatic Kettle Dye, Blackbird Kettle Dye, Cosmic Speckle

You may recognize this yarn from the box image at the head of this post. Yes I did buy this all at once. This amazing selection of glory is a Hawthorn sampler pack and I have no regrets. Find Your Fade anyone?

Notions Haul: Wooly Mastadon

On to the notions. At Hobby Lobby I picked up some needles and scissors for a few small projects. The big deal are the Addi Turbo Sock Rockets! I got these at Just Yarnin’ and I am beyond excited to try them out ASAP!

Just Yarnin: Wooly Mastadon

Finally, the amazing shop owner of Just Yarnin’ added these lovely notions to my bag with my yarn purchase. I must say their logo is amazing (my inner graphic designer is happy!). Definitely check them out if you are ever in the area!

Phew, that’s a lot of yarn. Let’s be honest though, I regret nothing! I know I’m an addict. Now I need to knit it up…pattern suggestions welcome! Have an amazing week!

~Stay Inspired


New Stash, New Projects, and Fun

LYS Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

Since I can’t say that stash enhancement is something I do regularly, I was very happy to swing by my LYS (local yarn shop) and pick up a few goodies to play with. Last time I went I was on a mission to find yarn to knit my Dad some hats (which he loved…in fact, he liked them so much when KnitPicks had a sale in January he sat down with me and honestly, I think he had more fun picking out yarn than I did. What?!). Needless to say, I didn’t get anything for myself then but this time I went mostly for me. I ended up bringing home two skeins of yarn. Some Opal in color #8465 and some Plymouth Yarn Neon Now in color #002. I also picked up a pack of felting needles…finally…but it’s the wool I’m excited about.

Yarn Haul: Wooly Mastadon

I also figured I share some not so amazing but still stash enhancement yarn from a week ago. It’s nothing fancy, some Bernat Softee Chunky ┬áin the Grey Heather colorway and some Red Heart Reflective in the Neon Yellow colorway. I have some plans for this yarn. I am hoping to design a cowl that features the neon as stripes throughout the gray, but that will have to wait. I’ve got way to much on the needles right now.

New stash is a big deal in my mind, especially since college loan repayment is taking almost all of my money. However, all of my crafty outbursts lately have mostly revolved around using what I have. My Splitstone is from yarn that was given to me and I’ve had in the stash for a few years. My socks and shawl are made with yarn from the stash. I’ve been pretty good at using what I have. That only goes so far before you need to do something different. Thus stash enhancement always makes for something interesting.

On the life front, it has been a rollercoaster of goods, bads, and just plain difficult times. Knitting has been my me time. The Lord has been my rock. It is something we all have to work through at times. Perhaps there will be less project posts here and more thought posts for a while until things fall into place, perhaps not. We shall see as life unfolds.

~Stay Inspired