Another Weekday Adventure

Copper Harbor Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

With my work, I don’t have a normal repeating schedule. I don’t often get weekends, and my days off get shifted throughout the week all the time. However, it also means I can take Monday and Tuesday off without batting an eye. This week was the perfect reason to do that. A few of my friends made the trek to come visit me those days and of course we had to go on an adventure. Copper Harbor was a must.

Copper Harbor Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

You know what’s coming, photo overload. Regardless, I had such a wonderful time I absolutely had to share.

Copper Harbor Adventures: Wooly Mastadon Copper Harbor Adventures: Wooly Mastadon Copper Harbor Adventures: Wooly Mastadon Copper Harbor Adventures: Wooly Mastadon Copper Harbor Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

Hope your week was amazing and that your weekend is even better. Go out and explore!

~Stay Inspired


Another Adventure…

Eagle River Nature: Wooly Mastadon

You may be sick of nature photos, but that won’t stop me from sharing them. Once again I have been out and about, taking photos of the things I love best. I spent some quality time (the longest amount of time I’ve been able to take off for myself in over a year) at my Grandma’s house once again. The fact that she lives in the woods by a lake, even better. For a wonderful summer refresher I thought I’d share some of the photos from this trip.

Eagle River Nature: Wooly Mastadon

Fair warning, there are a few silly ones including a pink elephant. Long story but it was a gift and I thought it would be funny to share some photos of my pink elephant having fun in the woods. It works.

Eagle River Nature: Wooly Mastadon Eagle River Nature: Wooly Mastadon Eagle River Nature: Wooly Mastadon Eagle River Nature: Wooly Mastadon

And one final thing, Happy 4th of July to all of you who live in the states. For everyone else, Happy Weekend.

~Stay Inspired


Adventures in the Woods (and by the Big Lake)

Copper Harbor Adventure: Wooly Mastadon

As you may (or may not) have noticed I was absent last Friday on the blog. Perhaps you didn’t care, perhaps you did but it was all for a good cause. In the past two weeks I’ve taken my camera for a spin, both close to home (my backyard of course) and a bit farther away in Copper Harbor, Michigan. Nature is my happy place, nature by the water is even better, nature by the water with an amazing friend is the best. Here’s what I’ve been up to (warning…photo dump!).

Copper Harbor Adventure: Wooly Mastadon Copper Harbor Adventure: Wooly Mastadon Copper Harbor Adventure: Wooly Mastadon Copper Harbor Adventure: Wooly Mastadon Copper Harbor Adventure: Wooly Mastadon Copper Harbor Adventure: Wooly Mastadon Copper Harbor Adventure: Wooly Mastadon

Let’s start with Copper Harbor. I finally had a day off that coincided with my friend’s work schedule. He had never been to Copper Harbor before and I went several times every year…any chance I could. It was a cold (45 degrees fahrenheit!) windy day, but neither of us minded. I made sure we hit all of my favorite spots, Brockway Mountain, Fort Wilkins, a park with a cool rock formation you can climb, the works. It was lovely, we both enjoyed it, and had a blast. Of course my camera came along for the journey and he humored all of my crazy just to get the best shot (read he’s terrified of heights and I’m not…yeah, he endured almost heart attacks so I could get the best shot with my camera). It was fun, I came away with so many photos, and the urge to go back again soon. Next time we’ll hit up some beaches and perhaps a lighthouse or two when the weather is warmer.

Backyard Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

My second location, my yard. Granted this isn’t the most grand of places to take photos, I still find joy in crawling around in the woods for the best shot, laying under bushes in the flowerbeds to get the best angle, and just general exploration. Today I topped everything off with planting my mom’s flower beds…perhaps I’ll have to capture some of that with my camera tonight but we shall see.

Backyard Adventures: Wooly Mastadon Backyard Adventures: Wooly Mastadon Backyard Adventures: Wooly Mastadon Backyard Adventures: Wooly Mastadon Backyard Adventures: Wooly Mastadon Backyard Adventures: Wooly Mastadon

Anyway, I do have some projects coming to share with you very soon. Here’s to hoping that the beginning of what might actually be summer is here to stay for a while. Happy Friday!

~Stay Inspired

Some Neon Adventures

DIY Tassels: Wooly Mastadon

This week was a week of projects, but not my normal projects. Yes I did work on my socks but mostly I had the urge to pull out my beading stuff…to make tassels. There’s a backstory here. I have wanted a cute key chain to put on my car keys for awhile, but most of the key chains I owned or looked at were far too heavy. Then I started thinking about the current trend, tassels. More specifically, neon tassels. I love these things but there was no way I’d pay that much money for a tassel. I went on Pinterest, found a really easy DIY with materials I already had and went to work. In hardly any time at all I had six tassels in varying sizes that I can put on keys, use in jewelry, or whatever else I choose.

beading projects: Wooly Mastadon

I love those easy projects that you start on a whim and at the end of the day actually were easy, simple, and look like they are supposed to. I love the neon colors and am ready to put them on everything (and make tons more). Per usual, when getting the materials for this project I also unearthed some cool metal charms I had received as a gift several years ago. All they needed was a cord so I also have two cool necklaces to welcome the summer with open arms.

beading projects: Wooly Mastadon

Now you know I not only have a fiber craft/art addiction, I also have a beading addiction too. It’s all good, I stay out of trouble that way…maybe. Happy weekend. Summer is coming, it’s going to be a good one.

~Stay Inspired

Moulin Rouge Progress: Thoughts on Short Rows

Moulin Rouge: Wooly Mastadon

I have been knitting, I promise. The past few weeks, especially the week of Easter were crazy with highs and lows. I got a bit of spinning done, but that isn’t what I wanted to share with you today. Today it’s all about the Moulin Rouge shawl by Kirsten Kapur (my project page here). I cast this shawl on at the end of February, got it started and per usual, let it sit. Well, once the storm that was the past few weeks was past I was able to finally sit down and knit. I sped right through the lace edge and moved into the body of the shawl…that contained short rows.

Moulin Rouge: Wooly Mastadon

Now, I have a confession to make, I haven’t knit short rows since I first started knitting and decided I needed to knit socks. I got myself a book (fyi it was Easy Knitted Socks by Jeanette Trotman), some baby yarn (yes, I had no idea what I was doing and that was the only fingering weight yarn I could get my fingers on at a big box store), needles, and knit some slippers. Delving boldly into the pattern, I worked through short rows sitting on the floor in my parents living room on a Saturday…a weekend free from high school drama. It was wonderful, the socks I knit, not so much…and I haven’t tried short rows since.

Fast forward to this week. Interweave Knits Spring 2016 had a wonderful article on short rows that I was ready to reference. I got out my shawl and started knitting. Truth be told the written instructions with Kirsten Kapur’s Shawl Book One on short rows was all I needed. I got to knitting and am about half way through the short row repeats and loving it. Why have I not worked with these more, they are so easy and manipulate the fabric in such nice ways.

Well, that is it for this week. Hopefully with the coming weeks I can knit, spin, and crochet some awesome stuff. Happy Weekend.

~Stay Inspired

A Week of Projects

Sock Knitting: Wooly Mastadon

It has been a week of projects, of finishing things, getting caught up in socks, and starting a new knitting project. This week I finally got the urge to go full force back into spinning and ended up finishing the project currently on my wheel (finished skein photos will come soon). Next on the wheel, some fiber my mother picked out for me to spin up and knit into a lace shawl. I can’t wait to start it, perhaps that will be a project for the weekend…I get a weekend off!!!

Spinning: Wooly Mastadon

As for knitting, I’ve been reaching for my socks at every spare moment, especially at work on lunches and breaks. It’s my popcorn knitting right now, I say just one more row but that almost always means five or six. I love how the colors are making a striping pattern and can’t wait to wear the finished socks.

Moulin Rouge: Wooly Mastadon

Finally, I started knitting my Moulin Rouge shawl by Kirsten Kapur. I dyed up the yarn this past summer and am not set on the color. If all fails, I’ll overdye the final shawl but I want to see how the color plays with the pattern first. Right now, my shawl just looks like a fluffy catterpillar, but I am hoping to knit a few rows here and there and have a beautiful shawl this summer.

With that, I leave you for the week. It has been a week full of projects and productivity and sunshine. Hopefully the weekend follows suit. Here’s to a crafty fun weekend full of fun, fiber, and yarn.

~Stay Inspired

Spinning Update

Spinning: Wooly Mastadon

I finally got back to my wheel this past week, a much needed development as I had missed it and was itching to start a new spinning project. Starting a new project meant I had to finish the one currently on my wheel so I set out to adjust the drive band and fly wheel (part of what was keeping me from finishing plying the singles in the first place) and just complete some lovely yarn. I finished plying it last night and have yet to wind it off into skeins and soak it but I can say this, I have never had my plied yarn overflow onto a third bobbin. Here’s to hoping I’ll have lots of yardage to go with this lovely color so that I can knit up something amazing with it. More details to follow when I have the finished skein in my hands. Happy Wednesday!

~Stay Inspired

Something Bright

Flowers: Wooly Mastadon

Hope that your weekend was wonderful and that you enjoyed Valentine’s Day if you celebrated it. I celebrated it by working in the floral department at my place of work as an extra set of hands this Saturday and Sunday. I’ll just say that I am terrible at doing flower arrangements in vases but everything else I am game for. It was a lot of fun to do something different and enjoy all the bright colors. These roses came home with me and I just had to photograph such bright beauties in the depths of winter. I hope this brightens your Monday.

~Stay Inspired


Crazy How Things Change…24 a Few Months In

24 Reflection: Wooly Mastadon

A strange title for a blog post on a fiber blog but it is fitting right now. I haven’t done a serious sit-down-and-chat post in a while. It’s just one of those things. It has been a good several weeks of 2016, but crazy and hectic. The thing is, it’s only now finally sinking in, I’m 24. Granted I’ve been 24 since November but for whatever reason I just ignored it and moved on. By now, most good bloggers would make a 25 by 25 list but I’m just not into goals like that so I thought I’d change things up. 24 isn’t a standout age so to speak, but for me it just feels like a big one. It’s kind of hitting mid 20s and it was a mark that I kind of thought I’d have more figured out. Its a nondescript year, but for some reason it hit me. I’m 24, have no idea what I’m doing, working at a grocery store in customer service and bookkeeping, I’ve got freelance design projects coming and going, but I have no idea who I am.

It’s a strange thing, when people think you should have everything figured out, that somehow you should be making big bucks in a career, the media pushes you to believe that if you don’t have a solid hold on what life is by now, you’re destined to fail. Now I don’t believe all that, rather I know life is just one long journey of learning, about yourself, about life, about your fellow human beings. You never have it all figured out, something always changes to make you rework what you though you knew. Imposter syndrome will always be there if you have a success, and there will always be people to tell you what you don’t want to hear.

But there are always people there to help you too. Slowly but surely, although I have no idea what I am doing, I am learning who I am each day, how I change, how people close to me view me and value what I do even if it isn’t glamorous. Maybe I work a low-key job (with great people mind you) so that I stay humble, but also so I can keep doing what I love without tainting it with deadlines. Perhaps it is there to remind me that yes, I have plenty to work for and that with time I might just get there.

24. I’ve still got plenty of time before I hit 25 and no list is going to prepare me to get there, but perhaps I will end with this. By 25 I want to be more comfortable with who I am and where I am in life, even if it just means making sure I appreciate what I have now, appreciating where I am life and where I am going. My situation my be the same, but if I can refocus on the people I love and put more time into the things that really matter, then 24 will be a success and anything that follows will be where I am supposed to be.

~Stay Inspired

A Few Weeks In Pictures

January Recap: Wooly Mastadon

I’ve been gone for a while once again. Truth be told I am learning to juggle some new things and not always succeeding but that’s okay because in January of 2016 I was reminded that I not only have an amazing network of friends in different states but I have also made some wonderful friends in my own hometown once again. I have had so much fun at a best friend’s wedding, at a work party that turned out to be amazing, and just with everyday goofiness. It was a pretty good first month of 2016 and if the rest of the year continues this way it’s going to be an amazing one. Since this would be an extremely long post if I explained everything I figured I would just include photos of what I have been up to here. I’ve been knitting and spinning, not near as much as I’d like but it’s a start. I’ve been working on other projects in the letterpress studio. It’s been fun. I’ll be back to share an awesome FO quite soon (still need to take those beautiful photos, haha) so watch for that. It’s the middle of the week, halfway there to the weekend!

January Recap: Wooly Mastadon January Recap: Wooly Mastadon January Recap: Wooly Mastadon January Recap: Wooly Mastadon January Recap: Wooly MastadonJanuary Recap: Wooly MastadonJanuary Recap: Wooly Mastadon

~Stay Inspired