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Waiting for Rain: Wooly Mastadon

As promised today I’m stopping by to share my current projects with you, or my WIPs. I think I’ll start in the order that they were cast on or oldest to newest. I would also like to add that some of these have been sitting, but my knitting mojo…my creative mojo…is back so these should all be completed soon to make room for more new projects. My habit of browsing Ravelry for new patterns has also returned and I want to knit all of the things. I’m also open for suggestions. Okay, on to the knits:

Waiting for Rain: Wooly Mastadon

My oldest WIP for the moment (that isn’t in hibernation) is currently my Waiting for Rain by Sylvia McFadden. For a while everyone was knitting this and I couldn’t be left behind. Then in good ol’ Tori fashion, I let the project sit because I was convinced I had to be 100% focused on the project. Not so! The garter sections are a great break from the lace panels and even those are a joy to knit and make perfect sense. Now I can’t seem to put it down and can’t wait to have the finished product in my hands.

The specs: (Rav Link)  yarn, Knit Picks Stroll Fingering hand-dyed by me ; needles US size 6 4.0mm

Scrap Ghan: Wooly Mastadon

Next up, my Granny Scrap Ghan. I gave up on my last afghan project and put it into hibernation months ago, but kept getting the itch to work on another one. Thus, I decided on one big granny square as it is currently the only type of afghan I enjoy making. I love this project although it has been getting less love during the hot summer weather.

The specs: (Rav Link) Red Heart Super Saver in various colors (using up scraps); hook US size H/8 5.0mm

Socks: Wooly Mastadon

Socks: Wooly Mastadon

On to the socks! I will bundle these two projects together to a point. I knit all my socks toe-up with an afterthought heal (with the placed waste yarn so not a true afterthought heal, I know) on US size 1, 2.25mm needles. The only difference between these two pairs is one is knit magic loop method on what I believe is a 32 inch cord (my preferred method for my travel project socks) and the other is knit on dpns. I tried Knitters Pride Karbonz for the first time and I love them! The stitches don’t slide off the needles and they are light weight. In fact those socks on dpns…they’re finished as of Friday! Yay for a new FO. I’ll share some photos later this week.

The specs: (Rav Link) DPNs: Cascade Yarns Heritage Wave in Solar; needles Knitters Pride Karbonz US size 1, 2.25mm

(Rav Link) Circs: Knit Picks Felici Fingering in Sprinkles; needles Knit Picks Fixed Circulars US size 1, 2.25mm

Dishcloth: Wooly Mastadon

Dishcloths, oh dishcloths. When my Mom asks me for something like this I can’t say no. Thus I pulled out some leftover cotton from a box of yarn from my Aunt and got to work. The pattern is from an old knitting book that I adapted to fit my needs and it is her favorite dishcloth by far. It’s a simple project and a quick knit during the summer heat.

The specs: (Rav Link) Misc Scrap Cotton; needles Hobby Lobby (no idea the exact brand) fixed circs in size US 6 4.0mm

Well, that’s it. This is what I’m currently working on. As many of these projects are close to completion I’m looking for my next project. What should I knit next?

~Stay Inspired



More Socks

More Socks: Wooly Mastadon

Hey there. How are you? My name is…well okay, I’ll stop. Yes it has been long over a week since I last dropped by to say hello. It seems that this happens often enough lately, and it’s not okay. Ah well, here I am again and ready to share a few things with you.

When I last dropped by, I shared my finished Opal Socks. It didn’t take me long to need to cast on another pair (read the same day), so here is what I have thus far. I ended up using Lion Brand Sock-Ease in the Sour Ball colorway on my Knit Picks US 1 (2.25 mm) circular needles with my basic toe-up vanilla sock recipe. I have knit with this yarn once before and liked it enough for socks that I thought using this skein was in order. Granted this sock yarn isn’t my favorite when it comes to the color sequence (I prefer a bit more striping or crazy pooling and this is in between), but it is a hard-wearing sock yarn and it was in my stash so out it came. I have been working on it for a bit now, and am loving the progress although I haven’t knit on it a whole lot. This seems to be the way of things.

As for life, I have been working a lot, have had some added graphic design projects, and have been reconnecting with old friends. It has been a fun but crazy bundle of days. I ended up going out of town to my Grandmother’s house (she lives on a lake so a really nice spot) and spent time with family. I packed knitting but committed a crime in not knitting a single stitch. We ended up chatting, playing card and board games, swimming (yay! favorite part of summer), and shopping so my brief two days was spent. It was worth it though, and now I am back to everything else. Don’t worry, I’m still here and have plenty to share as the weeks go on. I’ll be back. After all Tour de Fleece is coming!

~Stay Inspired

A New Project!

Lionberry: Wooly Mastadon

So, this week I finally found out the cause of my lack of knitting mojo. I realized that when I work the evening shift at my job at the grocery store (3 to 11pm), it really saps my creativity. When I work the morning shift, I get out at 3 and all I want to do is go home a knit. Thankfully this week I had a few of the earlier shifts so that is exactly what I did (after freelanced design projects of course).

In an effort to get back into knitting I cast on a new project. It is Lionberry by Narniel of Endor (my project page here: lilwestie). I love the look of the shawl and am really excited to see how mine turns out. I ended up veering from the instructions in my yarn choice (as always) and opted to use a skein of Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in the Galapagos colorway. I am knitting it on size 4 (US) 3.5mm needles (because my 5s were in use on my Splitstone). It was a gamble but I am liking the fabric this is creating. Lionberry is free on Ravelry and a lovely pattern. Fair warning for all you chart lovers out there, there are no charts with this shawl, just written instructions, but those instructions are clear and detailed. I am loving the way this is working up thus far and it is definitely an addicting knit. Check it out if you are so inclined.

Socks: Wooly Mastadon

I also spent some time this week knitting on my Splitstone and am finally to the bust increases. It is the perfect project to knit on while watching a podcast after work, and I did just that this week. I have also knit a bit on my socks which are now to the ribbing on the second sock. After that all I have are the heels and then my socks are complete! Yay for getting my knitting mojo back at least a little.

Well, that is all for this lovely first Friday in June. I’ll have more to share in the following weeks (in July Wooly Mastadon is one year old!). I’m also really looking forward to Tour de Fleece so watch for that when it comes around. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

~Stay Inspired

They’re Back!

Socks: Wooly Mastadon

Oops. It looks like I inadvertently took a week’s break from blogging. I definitely didn’t do this on purpose, but I think it worked out anyway. This week has been a fun one, with a road trip, some design work, and some not-so-fun hours at work. The weather has been great, so lots of outdoor time has been in order. Needless to say, the week got away with me, but trust me, I was knitting.

As you may have noticed, for the past two-ish months I have not knit socks. I hadn’t even started the toe of a sock. I had lost my momentum and figured I’d pick up the pace again when the time was right. Well, I sure went a while without socks, the one thing I was sure I wouldn’t get sucked into, and I am back. I just can’t go without my beloved socks on the needles as a travel project. In fact, travel was what spurred this project. This week I went to a fiber artist’s weaving studio to see her work and learn about her process. I was lucky enough to be invited to go on this trip with a class from my University as an alum, and boy was it fun. But enough on that for now. You want to know about socks.

For the past couple months, the projects I have been bringing with me as travel projects have been hats and dishcloths. Both are basic and easy to travel with, but both get bulky. When I knit dishcloths, I prefer my bamboo needles and I only own those in straights, not circulars. Thus they are slightly more unwieldy to pack. Hats just have more yarn attached, so they take up space. During the winter, I had a little extra in tow when going places so it wasn’t quite as bad (winter gear takes up space people!), but now as spring arrives the bulk has to go. I feel the need to bring a smaller, more compact project with me, one that will keep my attention and take a decent amount of time to finish, but that I can bring with me and not worry about. This is especially essential for day trips and long car rides where I am not driving. Socks, you are no longer on my break list, we are friends again.

So the specs on my current pair of socks on the needles: I am using a skein of Opal yarn in their ever-continuing rain-forest line. The color is #8465 Ecuador Elly and I am knitting these on size 1 needles, magic looping for security of stitches in transport. It hasn’t even felt like I stopped knitting socks. I checked my sock recipe cheat sheet for reference (I keep it on a 3*5 card in my project bag for brain fart moments) and I was on track. Socks just feel right on the needles, the stitches moving smoothly from one needle to another, knitting, knitting, knitting a tube and putting in the heel later. Alas, perhaps I will take another break from sock knitting at some point, but for now I really am loving socks once more.

~Stay Inspired

Blanket Squares, Dishclothes, and A Sweater, Oh My!

Project Progress: Wooly Mastadon

For starters, I almost forgot that Friday was coming, and that today was it. Because of my highly varied work schedule, Mondays feel like Saturdays and Fridays feel like Mondays, but that is for another day. Needless to say, when I realized I had yet to take progress pictures of my work, the lighting was crap and I either had to scrap the whole thing and forget about a Friday post or plow blindly on into the abyss that is known as bad photos. Alas, I decided that a post with slightly interesting photos would be better than no post at all after no Friday post last week, so bear with me. We’re all growing. As for this week, I have had bursts of activity, followed by bursts of nothing. I have had a lot to think about considering where I am right now in my career and life as well as some additions (an offer to a masters program at a University was in the list). Needless to say, it has been a roller coaster. For whatever reason, that roller coaster was all I needed to start up my scrap ‘ghan and Splistone once more. Who knows, strange motivators abound.

Project Progress: Wooly Mastadon

So, perhaps I shouldn’t be so happy, but I have a few FOs to share. I finished yet another dishcloth for starters. These are a bit wonky, but I’m not too worried since they are meant to be workhorses and blocking would be pointless. These have been coming with me to work everyday and I have been able to make decent progress because of it. I have some pink variegated yarn to use next, as my recipient likes pink… a lot. Hopefully these will be nice.

Project Progress: Wooly Mastadon

In the FO list I am also including some scrap ‘ghan squares. Yes, this may be cheating but I’m doing it anyway. I realized I had to put borders on these circles to revert them back to what was supposed to be a hexagon originally. They seem a bit wonky but once they have the weight of a whole afghan behind them all will be well (I hope).

Project Progress: Wooly Mastadon

Finally, I have picked up my Splitstone once more. I was puttting it off because of some waist shaping mods that I knew were coming but once I just decided to dive in really wasn’t nearly as hard as I was building it up to be. I have got around 8 inches done and am happily plodding along. Perhaps some of my motivation came from watching December – January’s Knit Girllls podcasts, since it was sweater city and Project Sweater Chest craziness during those months. Regardless I am happy with how this is working out and am excited to keep going.

I have also been doing a bit of spinning, but not enough to show a progress photo here. Next up on the needles will be a pair of socks because I am anticipating a day trip next week if my time-off request was accepted. We shall see. It’s been a heavy project week around here thanks to some languishing WIPs. How are your projects going? Are you into sweater knitting? What are your favorites?

~Stay Inspired

Another FO!

Mittens: Wooly Mastadon

Could it be…could it possibly be?! Yes, I did in fact finish another project. My mittens are now off the needles and ready for the slight cool down we are going to have in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula after several days of 30+ degree Fahrenheit temps. Sunday was 55 degrees! It was awesome, but mittens are still needed (especially to make and throw snowballs for my pooch; she loves to dig for them in snowbanks, haha). They are so bright and fit perfectly: snug but not too tight. Love them.

Mittens: Wooly Mastadon

I started another hat for my Mother as well. She requested one and picked out the yarn in a baby pink color. It really isn’t my favorite color to work with and I haven’t knit much on it because of that. I really need to get on that. I even bring it to work but have no motivation to work on it…ugh. Alas, perhaps I just need to cast on another pair of socks to knit on for a bit. I also need another fun project like a shawl. We’ll see, but for now, that hat! Otherwise lots going on around here, scheming with friends, planning, and making stuff…oh yea, and work of course. Let’s make this week a good one. I’m feeling inspired, are you?

~Stay Inspired

Finish All the Things…

Finish It: Wooly Mastadon

I am a very fortunate person, my Christmas crafting is almost complete. As I have mentioned what feels like a zillion times before, I simplified my Christmas crafting to crocheting potholders for everyone on my list. I bought 2 cones of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn from my local big box store (no comments please, either you deal with it or you hate it) and decided that when the two cones were empty I would stop. What I didn’t realize was just how many potholders these cones would make. I have made so many potholders and am on the last one or two. It has been a long road but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That brings me to my reason for being here…I have the finishing bug. I watched the latest episode of the Suburban Stitcher Podcast and all of Dianne’s comments about working to cut the number of WIPs down hit home. Now, I don’t have 18ish WIPs but I do have 4 not including the potholders and other bazillion things I want to cast on. For me, 4 WIPs is a ridiculous amount, and one that makes me itch to cut down on the number so I can cast on all of the things. Not to mention, most of these are large scale projects (afghan, sweater, lace shawl). Thus I have a proposition for you. Let’s make a goal of finishing our Christmas knitting early (I know a pipe dream but a dream none the less). Then, let’s make a goal of finishing some of those projects that languish in our project packages, boxes, and bags (you see what I did there…I love you if you get the reference). All of this will be with a goal that when the new year rolls around we can cast on whatever we want, guilt free of our own making. Does that sound like a deal? I think it does and although I might not get very far with this, at least it is a goal and one I actually have a chance at obtaining. Let me know if you’re in on the fun!

P.S. I’ve been thinking about starting a Ravelry group. Anyone interested?

~Stay Inspired